Commuter Emissions Challenge 2018


From 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on October 17 and 18, as part of Global Climate Change Week, Bachelor of Business Administation Business and Sustainability students will be calculating carbon emissions and educating people of the impacts of their commute. This will be held at kiosks adjacent to parking lots P3 and P4. Using an automatic, carbon calculating spreadsheet, students will be inputting data from commuters to tell them exactly how much carbon they are emitting. Participants will also be encouraged to donate to the RRU Sustainable Action for the Environment SAFE fund an amount equivalent to the social cost of the carbon emissions related to their commute. As an incentive to get involved in this event, participants will be eligible for a draw to win a $25 Habitat gift card.

According to Environment Canada, in 2016, passenger cars and light trucks accounted for 12.2% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Environment Canada, 2018) and those emissions bring social costs associated with the global damage expected from climate change (Government of Canada, 2017). In its most recent estimate, Environment and Climate Change Canada calculates those social costs at approximately $40.70 per tonne (ECCC, 2016).

Reducing GHG’s begins with awareness. The Commuter Challenge will not only help commuters understand the emissions related to their transportation, but will also provide them an opportunity to contribute to solutions by making a donation to RRU’s SAFE fund, based on the social cost of their commute.

The SAFE fund was established by Royal Roads faculty member Charles Krusekopf to inform people of the environmental impacts of their commute. The funding supports sustainability projects on and off campus.

By calculating commuter emissions, spreading awareness and collecting donations, the Commuter Challenge organizers hope to see a visible change in the school’s carbon footprint.

By Megan Weiss and Virti Dave (BBA Students)