Congratulations and best wishes to Amy Dove


What a tremendous time to be part of the Royal Roads University community. Our collective focus on deepening and broadening the reach of our programs, the increasing relevance of our research – all guided by some of the brightest and most professionally committed people – is creating positive impact in our world. We know more than most the depth of personal and professional investment required to create something new, to be part of something greater than just a strategy or an initiative, but rather to work in an integrated and mindful way so that what we do each day can support the success of those around us.

In that way, it is soulful work - creating the opportunity to share story, the emotional context which creates meaning. In the practice of communications, I have been very fortunate to work with many folks who carry this professional commitment and are able to express it in clear tangible ways. Amy Dove is one of these. During her four years at the university she has increasingly made her presence known and felt. Through her work on significant group projects such as the development of Crossroads and other new communications channels, her consummate ability to connect story to objective, and mostly the respectful way she interacts with her team and others on campus are all a testament to her professionalism. 

Well, you can’t hide the results of great work and others have taken notice. I am so pleased that Amy has been successful in finding a new challenge that aligns with her values and professional goals. As a new alumna of the Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication Management program, Amy will continue to apply her learning and soon take on responsibility for managing marketing and communications for Power to Be, an organization providing outdoor adventure opportunities for children and families who may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect deeply with nature. It is a great organization that will soon realize the wonderful impact of Amy’s skill and desire to make positive change in our world, and after all, isn’t that what we are all about.   

Amy’s final day at the university is Aug. 29. Knowing that she is "attention resistant,” I know you will all want to find a way to show your appreciation for all she has done to help us become a stronger community. For our part we will miss her a lot.

Join us

There will be an informal going away picnic on the dock starting at 3 p.m. Aug. 29 - those who want to come by and wish her well in her new venture are welcome to attend.