Congratulations to Wendy Leithead!


Congratulations to Wendy on her new role of Learning and Development Advisor with Professional and Continuing Studies.

Wendy has been with the School of Communication and Culture and Royal Roads University for more than 10 years. She is a thoughtful and caring administrator with a no nonsense attitude. She enjoys life and reminds us to get out and explore the many wonders of the world. With her amazing ability to remember all the extensions on campus, and to remain calm and have a sense of humor even in the most challenging situations, Wendy has been a role model to her colleagues and a pillar to the school.

Although it is our great sadness to see our beloved SCC family member to leave, we are thrilled for Wendy to embark on her new career path. We are certain that Wendy’s knowledge and expertise will bring valuable contribution to her new department.