Connie Carter starts research fellowship


Prof. Connie Carter, Faculty of Management (FOM), has commenced a research fellowship at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies in the Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She will return to FOM in mid-September 2014.

During her stay at NUS, Connie will be editing a publication entitled Land Grabs in Asia: What Role for the Law?. The publication will incorporate papers from a major NUS conference which was held in the Faculty of Law last year. Connie’s own conference presentation was about land grabs in Myanmar (Burma) in connection with that country’s proposal to use Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to kick-start their economic growth.

“This will be an interesting and intricate job,” Connie says, “mainly because most of the presenters have English as their second and sometimes their third language – so the editing job will be challenging and time-consuming. But it will be very rewarding too because, so far, not much has been published about this topic, which is fast becoming a global menace and a pool for injustice and corporate abuses of human rights."

While at NUS, Connie also hopes to visit Myanmar again to complete her IDRC-funded field research about foreign investment and SEZs in Myanmar. She hopes to structure and start writing up the results of her 14-month Myanmar research. That too should result in the publication of a book. “I plan to send the first copy to my friends in North Korea,” said Connie. “They found me through the book entitled Special Economic Zones in Asian Market Economies, which I co-edited  and published in 2011. It was upon that basis that I was invited to visit Pyongyang last October, and have an open invitation to return to dialogue on how North Korea too might use SEZs to open up their country to foreign investors and economic development.”