Continuing Studies launches new website


Beginning with early whiteboard conceptual drawings in February 2012, Continuing Studies is thrilled to announce the launch of our fabulous NEW website!

We went live at 9:47 am on the 27th and by 9:48 am we had our first registration! (Someone who had created an account and was watching for our site to go-live). The morning continued with many registrations pouring in from those in-waiting. We hope this is a continuing longitudinal trend!

We know it takes a whole organization to make this kind of grand transition possible. We are so very appreciative of the knowledge, skills, creativity, perseverance and patience of these fine folks in making it all happen: Darryl Karleen, Curtis Daniels, Nataliya Kostyuk, Wei Zhao, Adam Brown, Shelley Finerty, Bobbi Bjornholt, Warren Cummings, Andy Zoltay, Kristy Gislason, Mike Slywka, Mario Mircea, Carlos Chiarella, Adam Broad, Jody Ross , Jessica Subin, Nicola Oldfield, Seso Bains, Brenna Boland, Paul Ripley, Darrell Pettyjohn, Steve Grundy, and Devon Cathers and Todd Lindsay who contributed but are no longer at RRU. Thank you all! Cookies to follow….

Please visit, create an account, make a wish list and/or fill your cart with learning that will help equip us all to fully participate for the future that is upon us. See you there!