Continuing Studies raises funds for Our Place

Tess Wixted
Reaching out blue by Creativity One

At Continuing Studies' recent evening talk The Science of Happiness, $450 was raised to support Our Place, an inner-city community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable. Below is a message from Grant McKenzie, director of communications, at Our Place, in response to the news of Continuing Studies' donation.

Royal Roads and Our Place share a similar philosophy of “Life Changing.” As such, Our Place is delighted to be the recipient of a $450 donation from Royal Roads’ evening talk, The Science of Happiness. This donation will help Our Place fund and expand the various programs and services we offer on a daily basis to not only meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable citizens, but to also inspire the same happiness as documented in the evening talk. It’s difficult to be happy when you feel the world is a cold and uncaring rock. With Royal Roads’ help, we can change lives for the better.

Our Place is an inner-city community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable: working poor, impoverished elderly, mental and physically challenged, and the homeless. Individuals and businesses provide the majority of financial support for its programs and services. Our Place provides 45 transitional housing units, over 1,200 meals per day, hot showers, free clothing, counseling and outreach services. Most importantly, it provides a sense of hope and belonging to our neighbours in need.

Next year each of Continuing Studies' evening and lunch time learning talks will designate one charity as the recipient for that event's donations. It's our way to show that public learning can be life.changing in all its philanthropic potentialities.

Image credit: Reaching out blue by Creativity One via Flickr Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.