"Conversations that Matter" extend to RRU

Conversations that matter come to RRU

On May 2 - 3, 2017, the University of Calgary hosted a conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, entitled "Conversations that Matter."

You may have read about RRU's presentations at the conference in Crossroads. Inspired by their presentations and the many many conversations with peers and colleagues from across Canada (and Europe), Dr. Eva Malisius, Dr. Jennifer Walinga, Rebecca Wilson-Mah, Moira McDonald and Dr. Marnie Jull decided to bring "Conversations that Matter" to RRU to further build on some of the insights shared.

CTET's Lauren Godfrey Smith and Darrell Pettyjohn support the initative and we are happy to annouce "Conversations @RRU" to take place June 26 - 29, noon - 1 p.m. (locations TBD). Mark your calendars!

You are welcome to join one or all of the sessions and learn more about thoughts, ideas, concepts, approaches to postsecondary learning and teaching and generating meaningful conversations in the classroom and beyond.

The sessions will be as follows - and there will be plenty of space for conversations:

Monday, June 26: Communities of Practice
Co-presented by Rebecca Wilson-Mah from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Jennifer Walinga from the School of Communication and Culture.
Communities of practice (CoP) are rich spaces that support knowledge creation, social engagement and practice improvement. Join us to explore three "cases" from a university setting where CoPs have emerged and developed over time. We will discuss the different ways that CoPs develop – naturally or intentionally – and work together to learn from our collective experience in social learning groups.

Tuesday, June 27: When conflict is the teacher: Supporting difficult conversations towards a culture of learning
Presented by Marnie Jull from the School of Humanitarian Studies.
Conflict can often be seen as a barrier to learning. Conversations about conflict, however, can generate profound learning about the self, the other and the subject matter under discussion. Learning how to address conflict more effectively is a vital skill to support learning conversations that build trust and foster collaboration.

Wednesday, 28 June: Leading practices in the assessment of transformative learning and teaching
Presented by Eva Malisius from the School of Humanitarian Studies.
What are leading practices that complement traditional written assignments into the 21st century and complement (online) learning and teaching that assesses students’ academic abilities in critical thinking, analysis, and relevant application of knowledge? Join this conversation to explore assignment formats that embody transformative learning and teaching.

Thursday, 29 June: Building belonging through conversation in an international classroom
Presented by Moira McDonald from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Often teachers and learners in an international learning environment have unexplored opportunities to build belonging with students. In the absence of belonging, students can underachieve in their learning setting. In this session, through theories of belonging and practitioner experience, you will focus on how you can positively impact belonging in your classroom through conversation.

More details to follow - and looking forward to seeing you all there!