Course archiving postponed

Picture of people looking at a screen

We recently published an announcement regarding changes to archived Moodle courses. These changes were scheduled come into effect between September 12 and September 24, 2017.  

This update is to inform the community that our scheduled changes to archived Moodle courses have been postponed until late November or December.

We decided to postpone the changes in order to allow extra time for additional due diligence to ensure that no courses are deleted or archived inappropriately. During this time, we will be verifying with each program which courses should be archived, deleted, or not changed. Until we have verified this information with program areas, no courses will be moved to the archives or deleted from the archives.

Please contact Darrell Pettyjohn if you have any questions or concerns regarding changes to the Moodle course archives.

Please stay tuned for further updates regarding changes to Moodle course archives.