Cox, Scannell and Ungar in SSHRC Report


Social Sciences and Humanities Reseach Council (SSHRC) has released a summary report, Advancing knowledge on collaborative and sustainable energy and natural resource development in CanadaThis report draws on the findings of SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants award holders, as well as insights from graduate students and cross-sectoral leaders, addressing the future challenge area identified under the Imagining Canada’s Future initiative, “What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?”.

Included in this report is The young and the resilient: Key agents in the transition to low-carbon goods and services. This is a summary of a study conducted by Robin Cox, Leila Scannell and Michael Ungar of Dalhousie University. A summary and link to the full publication is available on the Resilience by Design website.