CRC research video screened at AAG conference

CRC research video screened at AAG conference

Do you remember the CRC Research video exploring the concept of spatial justice? Well, Professor Ann Dale’s research team is excited to announce that “What is Spatial Justice?” will be part of a special screening this week at the 2017 American Association of Geographers Shorts. Published during the fall of 2016, research designer, Shoshana Schwebel, led the development of the video with the help of research curator, Jaime Clifton. Asked to explore the most important geographical debates today, it addresses ideas around the spatial distribution of justice. 

About the video

What is spatial justice? It's not a typo; it's a new and important way of thinking about social justice. Many of us will relate to justice and injustice along axes like class or race or gender. But every single one of us is affected by the spatial distribution of justice—things like where your nearest library is or how much diversity is in your grocery store. Watch this short animated video to learn about common examples and ways to increase spatial justice.