Crossroads tip: Embedding video & sound media

Madeleine Dahl
Crossroads tip: Embedding video & sound media

Embedding video and sound media into your Crossroad's post is a fantastic way to direct readers to relevant online videos (e.g., RRU presentations) and sound clips (e.g., podcasts, music tracks). 

Embedding media, versus only hyperlinking to it, will catch the reader's attention because there will be a visual cue enticing people to open your video/sound clip. 

Only YouTubeVimeo and SoundCloud media can be embedded in Crossroads. Livestream and other media programs will only work as hyperlinks.

Due to copyright provisions, only RRU created content can be embedded in Crossroads. External media clips must be hyperlinked to - in order to direct the reader to the source of where the content was created.

Here is an example of how you can introduce your media clip:

[Note - the "Roads to Research presentation" is hyperlinked to the YouTube video and is seperatley embedded below. This will give your reader two points of access to your media clip. Here is an example of a Crossroads post with an embedded video.]

Here is the latest Roads to Research presentation:

How to embed video/sound clips

1) Log into Crossroads and create news or event post.

2) Select the location within your text where you would like to embed the video or sound clip. Put your cursor there.

3) Open YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud and find your video or sound clip. Highlight the URL/web address and copy it - CONTROL C or right click on mouse and select copy.

4) Select the add media icon (picture of a mountain) located in the body editor box.


 5) Once you select the add media icon the following display box will appear. Select web. The "upload" and "library" tabs located on either side of "web" are disbaled and have no function.


6) In step 3 you copied the URL/web address of your video/sound clip - place the cursor in the "URL or Embed code" text box and push CONTROL V or right click on your mouse and select paste. Then select submit.

7) Select the format size that you prefer. Large is recommended. Select submit.


8) Your video or sound clip will now appear. If you upload a SoundCloud clip it will look and sound like this:

Embedding video and sound media clips is super easy and is a surefire way to entice people to read, watch and/or listen to your post. Give it a try!  

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Where can I go to get help with Crossroads?

Questions, ideas and feedback can be directed to the Crossroads team in Communications and Advancement.

Stay tuned for future Crossroads tips!