Crossroads tip: Learn the basics

Madeleine Dahl
Crossroads tip: Learn the basics

Crossroads tip is a new, weekly series of Crossroads user tips. Posting in Crossroads is easy, even a peacock could do it!

This first tip is geared for newcomers who require a basic introduction on how to log in, post and make a revision. Regular users may also find this information helpful.

Before we get started, let's clarify the difference between events and news and private versus public posts.

Event, news or both?

Events are activities you can attend online or in person. RRU's event calendar is designed to share basic event information - think 5W's: who, what, where, when and why.

News is a story about our RRU community. 

Both? Sometimes events qualify as news stories because the news story is used to promote and provide more detailed information about an upcoming event.

In this case, create an event post and hyperlink it to your news story. That way people can add your event to their Outlook calendar.  

Here is an example of an event that qualifies as a new story - notice how the event calendar is hyperlinked to the event date.

Private versus public

When you create a post the default setting is public. If you want your post to be private, you must "select private".

Public content can be viewed by anyone, connected to the university or not. Public postings can include items such as external media references and feature articles on staff, faculty, associate faculty, students, alumni, as well as public events.

Private posts can only be viewed by staff, faculty and associate faculty once logged in. These posts include items such as staffing changes/announcements (e.g., new hires, maternity leaves), or messages from the executive and HR (e.g., internal announcements and payroll information).

How do I make a post?

1) You must be logged in to post a news story or event. Crossroads can be accessed through

2) Once you are logged in select the little person then select add content.

3) Select news story or event.

4) Complete all of the required fields. 

5) To submit your post select save at the bottom of the news story or event page. Selecting save submits your post to the Crossroads team for moderation and publication.

How do I make a revision to my post before or after it has been published?

 1) Log in and select the little person icon at the top right of your page and select my content.

 2) You will see your news story or event. Select the title of your news story or event to open it.

3) Your news story or event will show up in a preview style. Select edit to open up the required fields page where your content is located and make your changes.

4) When you have finished editing select save at the bottom of the news story or event page. Your post will then be resubmitted to the Crossroads team for moderation and publication.

How soon can I expect to see my posting or revision published?

We do our best to publish items as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours, but please allow for two full business days from the time of your posting.

To ensure your post will be included in Friday's Crossroads digest email, please submit your post by noon Thursday.

Where can I go to get help with Crossroads?

Questions, ideas and feedback can be directed to the Crossroads team in Communications and Advancement.

Stay tuned for next week's tip on how to crop photos and give photo credit.

Photo credit: Danielle GrisctiCC2.0