Crossroads tip: Using the text editor icons

Madeleine Dahl
Crossroads tip: Using the text editor icons

Many Crossroads users skip over using the text editor toolbar icons because they have no clue what the icons do. In fact, you might be wondering what the text editor toolbar is.

This is the text editor toolbar:

Understanding the icon's function will help you format the text within your news and event posts with ease. 

Let's find out the mystery behind these icons.

What is the function of the icons in the text editor toolbar?

You may be familiar with some of the toolbar icons as they are similar to Word.

Some of the icons below make reference to HTML coding. HTML coding is for advanced users and will not be covered in this tip.

A quick way to unveil each icon's function is to place your cursor over an icon and a text box will appear identifying its function.

We will work through the toolbar from left to right.

Bold font 

 Italics font 


 Insert/Remove Bulleted List


Insert/Remove Numbered List

Insert/Edit Link 

Highlight the text you would like to hyperlink to in order to activate the icon - then select the hyperlink icon - see Crossroads hyperlink tip.


Highlight or place your cursor in the hyperlink text you want to unlink - this will activate the unlink icon - then select the unlink icon.

Cleanup Messy Code 

If you paste text from another program into Crossroads, you may want to highlight the text and select this icon. This icon removes any hidden HTML code that may affect your text and formatting.


Text and Heading Format Styles

Click on the drop down selection tab to the right of the word paragraph and you will see the following choices. Highlight the text you want to change and then select your desired format style.

Paragraph - Text will look like this

Address - This function has been deactivated - do not select address.

Preformatted - Used for HTML coding. 

Heading 2 

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6
DIV - Used for HTML coding. 

Block Quote

Used to separate a large section of quoted text. Highlight the quote - then select the block quote icon.

This icon indents the text and places a blue line down the left side of the quote - like this.


Edit HTML Source

Used for HTML coding. 

Remove Formatting

Removes italic and bold font - does not remove bullets, numbered lists, headings or hyperlinks.


Insert Special Character

Allows you to insert the following characters:


Paste from Word

Keeps the formatting of the text/document you copied from.

Add Media

Allows you to insert YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud clips - see Crossroads add media tip.

Toggle Spell Checker

There is no default spell checker in Crossroads. You must select the icon to help identify any spelling errors.

Once you are more familiar with the functionality of the icons, formatting in Crossroads will become much easier. Go forth and try out some of the icons!

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Where can I go to get help with Crossroads?

Questions, ideas and feedback can be directed to the Crossroads team in Communications and Advancement.

Stay tuned for future Crossroads tips!