CTET attends BCNET

CTET attends BCNET

Members of the CTET team recently attended BCNET, the premiere IT conference for the BC higher education community. Participation in conferences like BCNET are an important part of CTET’s commitment to supporting faculty in innovative uses of technology, where we connect with others in both IT departments and learning and teaching centres, to update our knowledge and expertise in the field of educational technology. BCNET also offers CTET the opportunity to present innovations we have underway at RRU. 

Highlights of the conference for CTET participants were the sessions on educational technology, including a presentation delivered by SET’s Jo Axe and Elizabeth Childs, and CTET’s Vivian Forssman. This session focused on the evolution of RRU’s emergent “teaching-in-the-open” programming, specifically the integration of Wordpress into courses in the MALAT program. 

As a result of attending BCNET, we’ve gained fresh ideas on best practices in managing the implementation of a new LMS; considered the importance of mediating effective use of social media in university communities; and expanded ideas about portfolio thinking to inform the evolution of our use of Wordpress in RRU's new service offering, WebSpace

Those of us who were not able to attend the conference in person got the highlights from the STUDIO Twitter feed.

In the coming months, members of the CTET team will also be attending conferences and events such as the Education Technology Users Group (ETUG) workshop in Kelowna, Congress 2017 in Toronto, and the AAEEBL Conference on effective use of e-portfolios, in Portland.

For a complete list of conferences and events in and beyond BC, please see the external events page on the CTET website.