CTET Campus Coffee a success

Picture of Carlos, Sophia, and Keith

The team in the Centre of Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) wishes to extend a warm thanks to everyone who attended our Campus Coffee event last Thursday, April 5, in the Castle Drawing Room. We all appreciated the opportunity to connect with you and share some of the exciting projects that we are working on this year.

We would also like to congratulate Margot Bracewell, winner of the passport activity, and Juliana Hendriks, winner of the WordPress activity. Congratulations, Margot and Juliana!

The event was based on a theme of international (and intergalactic!) travel, with six different stations, each one representing a different travel destination and a different CTET project or topic. Some of our destinations included South Korea, Coruscant, Hawaii, and Ireland. See below for a complete list of the stations and how you can find additional information about the project or topic presented:

My Media

Pedagogy Trivia


Appreciative Interviews

Faculty Support

Moodle to the Max Project

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