CTET expertise continues to grow


CTET has been fortunate to add three new Instructional Designers to the team since summer; Robert Lee (guess what his middle initial is!), Yasmien Mills, and Ellen Pelto.

Robert has a BA in Education from Western, and an MA in Education from University of Toronto with a specialization in Computer Applications.  He comes to RRU directly from the BC Government Learning Centre where he worked as a Learning Developer. Previously he worked for the University of Guelph and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 

Yasmien has a BA, BEd and an MEd from the University of British Columbia.  She completed her MEd in Adult Learning from UBC entirely online. For seven years Yasmien was a faculty member at the College of the North Atlantic in Doha, Qatar.   Prior to joining CTET,  she was at Western University in London, Ontario where she taught courses in the Arts and Humanities and facilitated faculty development in the Teaching Support Centre.  

Ellen has a BA from Simon Fraser University, BEd from University of British Columbia and MA in Curriculum Studies from the University of Victoria. Ellen has done instructional design projects for clients in various educational, public,  and private sector organizations.  These three ID’s have added six education degrees and years of experience to the already impressive credentials of our department.

CTET works with faculty to create great courses.  Drop by STUDIO (LIC 004) or call us today to get our expertise working for you.