CTET interim organization structure

CTET interim organization structure

I am pleased to announce that Darrell Pettyjohn and Sophia Palahicky have graciously agreed to become Associate Directors of the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) beginning January 15, 2018 for a one year term. Darrell will continue to have oversight of the learning technologies group and will be joined by Carlos da Cruz Alves and the course production team along with Tony Ruffolo and the media support services team. Sophia will add faculty development and CTET Studio to her existing learning design team.

This interim structure, modeled on the recent successes of similar arrangements in Human Resources and Finance, will allow us to continue work on the unit self-study that is underway and to explore synergies as we consider a longer-term strategy for CTET over the next year. Taking this opportunity is only possible because of the expertise and dedication of the entire CTET team and I am so grateful to each and every member for the many ways in which they contribute to high quality learning experiences for our students and support of our faculty. I would also be remiss if I did not note that this would also not be possible without the leadership that Carlos and Tony have provided their respective teams and the strength of their work.

Darrell and Sophia will join the Student & Academic Services portfolio team with Asma-na-hi Antoine, Indigenous Education & Student Services Manager, University Librarian Rosie Croft and Kyla McLeod, Director of Student Services and me and you will see them representing CTET on various committees and groups. Please join me in welcoming Darrell and Sophia to their new roles!