CTET says farewell to Deanne


We are so very sorry to see Deanne Turnbull Loverock leave and very excited for the fantastic new opportunity she has ahead. Deanne will spend her last day in CTET on June 23, 2016 and will move into a change management role within the Natural Resource Permitting Project with the government of B.C. 

Deanne has maintained professional working relationships with her co-workers, faculty, and staff here at RRU for the past four years. Her contributions to faculty development, STUDIO, course and program design will be missed by the CTET learning design team members. We would like to thank Deanne for her extensive work on the CTET website, program mapping template, and her willingness to jump in and try out new technologies with her courses and programs.

Please join in with our CTET community in sending best wishes to Deanne as she embarks on her new exciting career opportunity. 

(Deanne is featured in the last row, top left of photo.)