CTET - Service Level 2 process change

Tami Saj

The Centre for Educational Technologies (CTET) would like to thank you for helping us make the Service Level Pilot a success so far! Based on experience to date, we are tweaking a detail around this part of the process: when courses change from SL 2 to SL 1 due to lack of instructor information.

Current process (for SL 2 courses):

  • If CTET has not received instructor information from programs by 14 weeks prior, the course automatically changes from SL 2 to SL 1.

This change means:

  • The course will be ready on time, based on a previous offering, even though no instructor is available
  • ID resources are reallocated to support other courses and projects

Current results

  • Usually, this works out just fine (i.e., courses and copyright are ready for learners in a timely manner).
  • Sometimes, CTET is asked to change a course back to SL 2 . Often this request comes after the course preparation work has already been completed, including the Technical Review. This has led to confusion and duplication of effort.

Change Moving forward

  • CTET will now leave courses as SL1, instead of changing them back to SL2.
  • This means: the course will be completed and handed over to the program at 8 weeks prior to go-live. There is still plenty of time for instructors to make changes if they wish.
  • Need help? Instructors and staff are welcome to access CTET support in a variety of ways, including:
    • Drop in or call the STUDIO (LIC 004,  (250) 391 2600 x 4465) Mon – Fri, 8:00 – 4:00. You will find help with learning design and/or technical queries.
    • Request help (create a ticket) online at computerservices.royalroads.ca. Please include a link to your course and as much information as possible
    • Help Yourself with Mastering Moodle, or the Service Level 1 Checklist