CTET supports development of teaching skills


Registration for the upcoming Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), scheduled for June 14-16, is now open and there are still four spots available. As we prepare for the next offering, we wanted to share some reflections from the last session and highlight some of the feedback from participants that took the workshop.

The March 2017 offering of the ISW included new Associate Faculty from three schools, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of Communication and Culture and School of Business. It was an eager, earnest and supportive group with each participant invested in improving their own skills but also committed to helping their colleagues. The three-day, intensive workshop prompted lots of great questions, ideas and discussions. Our ISW facilitators often comment about how rewarding it is to work with RRU instructors, new or experienced. ISW facilitators will also tell you that every ISW group is different, made up of diverse individuals with different interests and needs. Nevertheless, each group forms positive and supportive relationships with each other and with CTET. The following are just two examples from the last inspiring cohort of ISW participants:

Sarah Omware, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Sarah was born and raised in Kenya and moved to Canada 5 years ago for school (UVIC). She is currently a Senior Policy Analyst with the Ministry of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training. Sarah has experience in policy research and analysis as well as processes for the development, implementation and monitoring of policies across a variety of contexts and settings including Canadian provincial governments (British Columbia and Alberta), academic institutions and non-government organizations (NGOs) in Canada and Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Somalia).

Sarah explains why she was drawn to teaching at Royal Roads: 

“I identify with and believe in RRUs learning and teaching model that focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge and skills through learning opportunities that are integrated, authentic, practical, relevant and applicable to industry, organisations and community needs as opposed to traditional compartmentalized and teaching-centred approach to learning.”

About the ISW, Sarah shared this reflection:

“I’m so glad I did the workshop before I started teaching. The workshop offered me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching practices. As well, I gained insight on the various instructional aids and techniques to use to create an educational environment that stimulates effective learning for students."

 Olaolu Adeleye, School of Communication & Culture (SCC)

Olaolu has a passion for human betterment, children's rights and intercultural communication espoused by his pursuits in International Development from Dalhousie University and an MSc. in Poverty Reduction: Policy & Practice from the University of London: School of Oriental & African Studies). Olaolu returned to Victoria after a decade of living and working abroad with a number of NGOs and multilateral organizations including; DFATD, the OAS, the United Nations and Right to Play. As an associate faculty for SCC, he hopes to translate his experiences into an academic environment where he can mainstream social development issues and is excited about the opportunity to work with a diverse student body through the forum provided by the Royal Roads Learning & Teaching Model.

About the ISW, Olaolu told us:

“I appreciated the safe environment to experiment with various approaches to instruction that I experienced in ISW, as well as, the teaching and pedagogical experiences of [the facilitators] which allowed for an effective delivery of a plethora of information. The introduction of a range of planning, assessment, delivery and engagement approaches was especially beneficial given that I had never had any formal teaching experience. The collaborative nature of the three day workshop allowed for me to receive constructive criticism from peers.”

Olaolu also shared these thoughts about the ISW:

“The three day workshop is structured in such a way that whether you are a new or seasoned instructor, there is something for you. For someone looking to immerse themselves in the teaching experience as they transition into uncharted waters, ISW provides a great forum for active learning.  Participants are given the opportunity to both learn and critique their own nuances.”

To learn more about the ISW and other CTET workshops, visit the Workshops and Events page on our website or drop by LIC 004 to visit us.