CTET welcomes a new instructional designer

Sophia Palahicky

The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) is pleased to announce that Lauren Halcomb-Smith has recently taken on the role of Instructional Designer (ID) in CTET. In her previous role as CTET’s Faculty Support Liaison (2017 – 2020), Lauren provided pedagogical and technology-related training and support in service to faculty and staff. In her new role, Lauren will take on the CTET liaison portfolio for all programs in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and undergraduate programs in the School of Communication and Culture, supporting and collaborating with faculty in the design of excellent learning experiences that reflect RRU’s Learning, Teaching and Research Model (LTRM).

Lauren brings several years of experience of teaching, learning design and faculty support to the ID role. Lauren started her career in education as a classroom teacher, supporting adult learners through a student-centered approach to experiential learning. While completing her PhD in Educational Studies at McGill University, Lauren designed and taught a number of synchronous and asynchronous online courses and was recognized with a Teaching Excellence Award from McGill’s Faculty of Education. Outside her work as an Instructional Designer, Lauren maintains an active academic service portfolio; she is a co-founder and the Managing Editor of the Journal of Belonging, Identity, Language and Diversity (J-BILD) and has co-authored several chapters on themes related to innovation in online learning environments.

Lauren looks forward to the new role and new opportunities for collaboration with RRU faculty.