CTET welcomes Zara Hossain

Sophia Palahicky
Zara Hossain

Zara Hossain is a new member of the Learning Design team with CTET and is eager to start her new role as an Instructional Designer. She joins Royal Roads from University of Calgary where she was previously a Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the Haskayne School of Business. She provided faculty support to ensure smooth course coordination and on aspects of teaching, like learning outcomes development and alignment, and classroom and online technology training. This work combined with her studies in Adult Education has garnered an on-going curiosity regarding faculty development. Brainstorming around teaching practices and content delivery is a point of interest for Zara, as well. She is also experienced in creating and facilitating training workshops on technology tools catered to faculty and staff. Moving to Victoria after a decade of living in Calgary, Zara is looking forward to discovering the city's cultural and food scene.