A cultural exchange led by Dr. Schellhammer

A cultural exchange led by Dr. Schellhammer

Led by Associate Prof. Erich Schellhammer, Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication (MAIIC) on-campus students and German business leaders from the Steinbeis Business Academy recently participated in an intercultural exchange on the Quarterdeck. The exchange included discussions about the validity of theories on globalization, traditional markers for cultures influenced by British and German speaking cultures as well as the latest theories connected to the field of cultural leadership. Two groups of students also exchanged ideas about film, body language and food culture.

Besides learning in classrooms, the German leaders participated in field trips to learn more about Royal Roads and Canadian culture and society at a deeper level. One of the MAIIC learners expressed her appreciation about the cultural exchange and her wish to have more chances for intercultural dialogue.

She said, “As an intercultural practitioner, I appreciated this cultural exchange opportunity which provided wonderful learning experiences to practise my intercultural communication skills and competence and to seek new value in this area. Thanks to Prof. Schellhammer, who provided us with such a great experiential learning opportunity!” 

This intercultural exchange between Royal Roads and Steinbeis Business Academy was initiated by Prof. Schellhammer in 2008. The Steinbeis Business Academy is part of the Steinbeis Hochschule which offers applied programs closely collaborating with employers to ensure that students can use their learning within their work place.  Similar to Royal Roads University, their program is primarily delivered by scholar practitioners.