Daystar - dancing the Medicine Wheel


The School of Communication and Culture is pleased to host a rare performance by Daystar Dance at Royal Roads University, July 12,  noon to 1 p.m. on the Grant Quarterdeck. Daystar has kindly offered to provide this session for students currently studying intercultural communication and research methods in the BA and MA programs.

The title of the performance is “Dancing the Four Directions.” The event will begin with Daystar providing an overview of the Medicine Wheel, a teaching tool from eastern Canada, in what is Anishnaabe territory, followed by a 15-minute danced movement illustration of the Medicine Wheel (more information below). It will end with a brief Q&A session in which members of the audience are invited to ask Daystar (Rosalie Jones) about her work and the potential for embedding Indigenous ways of learning, knowing and teaching in higher education.

All Royal Roads students, staff and faculty members, as well as members of the public are welcome to attend.

The session will be not be livestreamed.

A danced movement illustration of personal healing elements

EAST~ Water: Life in the Sea and in the Womb, The Journey of Youth

WEST~ Earth: The Achievement of Womanhood, Creating Generations

SOUTH~ Deer: Discovering the Deer, Becoming the Artist

NORTH~ Eagle: Embracing the Passage, Flying to the Creator

Among the many Indigenous nations living in North America, the Medicine Wheel is a teaching tool through which to discover the gifts of our world and one’s relationship to them. These teachings could fill many western books, but with Indigenous people's, it is left to the individual to understand aspects of each direction and allow that wisdom to assist in developing "the good life." The elements explored are: east - water and life beginning; south - deer and growth; west: Earth as woman and family; north: eagle, fulfillment and passing beyond our world.

Length: 15 minutes    
Choreographer/Performer: Daystar/Rosalie Jones

Music credits: Kevin Setchko, Janet Bray, Sadie Buck, Russell Wallace and Sharon King

Daystar/Rosalie Jones (Little Shell Chippewa) specializes in Indigeneous modern dance and acknowledges Jose Limon as an early mentor. In directing her own company Daystar: Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America, she has choreographed over forty dance-drama works since 1970 through the perspective of Indigenous ancestry and cultural values. As a faculty member from 2005-2017, Rosalie Jones created the curriculum for Indigenous Performance Studies (IPS) at Trent University in Ontario. Her permanent residence is Rochester, NY. Learn more about Daystar Dance

For additional information, please contact Virginia McKendry