Dene Heroes of the Sahtu celebrations

Mary-Anne Neal
Mary-Anne Neal shows a young author where his story appears in the book

Mary-Anne Neal, School of Business associate faculty member, is the project director of an Indigenous-led social innovation project. The Dene Hero book series was awarded the prestigious Arctic Inspiration Prize in 2018. With the $100,000 prize money, Neal has trained Indigenous youth in the remote Sahtu region of the NWT in the skills and knowledge they need to take responsibility for annually publishing a collaborative book about Dene heroes.

Volume 3 of the Dene Hero series is now well underway, and community celebrations are planned for the Sahtu in mid-January, 2019. 

Take a look at the video.

More than 150 Sahtu beneficiaries have already contributed to this collaborative project. 1100 books have been distributed in the Sahtu.