Dene Heroes, Volume 3 published

Mary-Anne Neal
Dene Heroes of the Sahtu, Volume 3

School of Business associate faculty member Mary-Anne Neal has helped successfully publish Dene Heroes of the Sahtu, Volume 3.  As project director of the award-winning Dene Hero Publication Project, Neal trained Indigenous youth in the remote communities of Fort Good Hope, Deline, Tulita, Colville Lake and Norman Wells in the skills and knowledge required to publish their own books. The Dene Hero books are written entirely by the Dene as a way to honour their own role models and take pride in the Dene spirit. 

Celebrations in Tulita, Deline and Colville Lake will honour contributors during the book launch Jan, 14 to 19. Almost 2,000 books have now been distributed to homes in the Sahtu region. The project's goal is for every home in the Sahtu to have a library of Dene Hero books.

With funds from the Arctic Inspiration Prize, Neal has travelled to the communities encouraging everyone to write stories and take photographs that capture Dene pride. This Indigenous-led social innovation project improves literacy and increases understanding of the valuable contributions made by the Dene to the world we live in. 

Watch the video promoting the project and upcoming book launches.