Didn't See It Coming?

Marc Stoiber

School of Business associate faculty member Marc Stoiber, a 25-year veteran of the marketing trenches, has stewarded the reputation of brands ranging from global multi-nationals to local pizza shops. He’s witnessed tectonic shifts in the marketing landscape - from rapidly changing values and beliefs, to consumer hyper-engagement and the messy implosion of sacred marketing cows.

In Didn’t See It Coming, Stoiber describes a brave new world. He gets into the head and heart of skeptical consumers as they decide who they want to believe in – against the backdrop of economic meltdown, cultural chaos, climate change, and technological overload. Didn’t See It Coming is honest, fun to read and packed with great thinking.

There are ideas to mull, wisdom to consider, and practices to rip off and claim as your own. Best of all, there isn’t a word of marketing bafflegab to be found. Join Marc as he pulls back the curtain, rolls up his sleeves and redefines how marketers can get their groove back.