Dr. Cheryl Heykoop becomes core faculty

Cheryl Heykoop

Congratulations to Dr. Cheryl Heykoop for being the successful candidate from our recent faculty search. Cheryl has been working with the School of Leadership Studies in a limited term capacity since February 2017 and made substantial contributions to the MA-Leadership and the Graduate Certificate in Leadership programs during this time. As a former associate faculty member, a founding member of the ResiliencebyDesign Research Lab and a graduate of the DSocSci program, Cheryl is no stranger to Royal Roads. Prior to joining SoLS in a full-time capacity, Cheryl was a member of the design team for the MA Global Leadership and subsequently taught in that program. She also taught in the School of Humanitarian Studies and in the International Youth Leadership School. She continues to be a faculty affiliate with the CPC Learning Network at Columbia University, a research associate with the International Institute for Child Rights and Development, a collaborator with the Innovation Support Unit within the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, and a member of the Methods Cluster with the BC Support Unit.

Cheryl’s research and teaching interests focus on patient-oriented research, social innovation, nature-based leadership, participatory action research, story-telling, resilience-building and community engagement. Cheryl is particularly interested in how patients living with cancer can meaningfully engage to better inform the outcomes of research, education, leadership and practice.

For 15 years of her career, Cheryl worked globally with young people affected by adversity to safely and meaningfully share their insights about conflicts, disasters and other issues that affect them. She has also worked with a range of organizations including UNICEF, Refugee Law Project Plan International, Right to Play, Power To Be, governments, civil society, academics and young people on issues such as local governance and decentralization, child protection, transitional justice, community development, public-private partnerships and social change.

We are delighted that Cheryl has joined us as a core faculty member and look forward to our ongoing collaborations with her.