Drop! Cover! Hold on! SHS and BC ShakeOut

SHS shakeout

What did you do this morning?

Like many other British Columbians at 10:20 on October 20, 2016, the staff and faculty in the School of Humanitarian Studies (SHS) stopped everything they were doing (acutally, we were are assembled for our monthly school meeting in Mews 110) and at the sound of an alaram dropped! covered! and held on! to practice what to do in case an eathquake hits. 

We followed up with an extensive conversation about what to expect and how to be prepared for major emergencies and disasters.

Some of the important reminders we talked about:

  • Do you have an emergency kit at home AND in the office AND for any kids or elderly?
  • How do you cover in a room (like the center for dialogue or the quarterdeck at times) if there are no tables?
  • Where is the assembly point nearest to where you are?  What if you are not in your office, where do you go and how do you let others know?
  • How far do you have to get away from the buildings (especially any older constructions and brick chimneys)?
  • Have you told students on campus and here for residency, new colleagues from other parts of the country (or world) about drop! cover! hold on!?

It is a great reminder to have these conversations from time to time and make sure to be prepared. We never know when we might need to know what to do and where to go!

TBT: Check out this video from 1951 and the Civil Defense Film starring Bert the Turtle and learning what he already knows: duck and cover!