Du & Krusekopf awarded grant for MNE study


The Office of Research Services would like to congratulation Dr. Juanna Du and Dr. Charles Krusekopf on their recent grant from Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada to study Canadian MNEs in China.

The new era of globalization and the corresponding increases in foreign direct investment (FDI) have heightened the occurrence of international collaboration and subsidiary innovation (Doz, Santos, & Williamson, 2001). Subsidiary innovation is fostered when the company collaborates with business and research partners in a location where foreign investment is occurring. Subsidiary innovation brings together the knowledge and skills of partners from different contexts, creating a fertile ground for new ideas and collaborations. Despite the burgeoning literature, much of the empirical fieldwork has been conducted in developed economies. Less attention has been placed on emerging economies.

This research focuses on innovation partnerships and subsidiary innovation among Canadian MNEs with operations in key locations in China, with a focus on the Suzhou Industrial Park and Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. It examines the types of international partnerships that currently exist to promote innovation collaboration, and the role that international collaboration plays in subsidiary innovation of Canadian MNEs in China. This research directly responds to the call by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada for research on international partnerships and innovation in key Asian markets, including China.