Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017


On March 25, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. local time, join the millions of people around the world who will switch off their lights for an hour to raise awareness about climate change. Earth Hour is a symbolic act to get us thinking about our planet and our impact on it. The event is to encourage us to take responsibility for our ecological footprint and engage in dialogue to determine solutions to our environmental challenges. In 2016, 178 countries and territories participated in Earth Hour. To get involved, just turn off as much power as you can, and commit yourself to climate action and reducing your ecological footprint beyond the hour.


Wonder what to do while the lights are off? Earth Hour can be as fun as it is good for the planet. Here are eight fun and entertaining things you can do to enjoy Earth Hour without using much electricity in your home. Remember to turn off all lights before you leave the office on Friday.


  1. Go for a walk – Take a walk around the city to see what has been switched off. Landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben have switched off their lights in the past in honour of Earth Hour. Any local landmarks switching off their power?

  2. Tell ghost stories – Get together with some friends or family and take turns telling those ghost stories that used to haunt you as a kid.

  3. Go stargazing – If it is a clear night, check out the stars. There should be less light pollution so the stars will be extra bright.

  4. Have an Earth Hour party – Invite friends or family over and have an Earth Hour or “green” themed party.  

  5. Have a board game night – Bring out the Monopoly, Pictionary or your favourite game and play by candlelight.

  6. Eat by candlelight – Have a candlelight dinner with your partner, friends or family. Have the meal prepared prior to Earth Hour, and then spend the hour dining by candlelight.

  7. Build a fort or play hide and seek – Fun activities to do with kids; if you do not have any kids, bring out your inner child and build the most awesome fort ever.

  8. Think about sustainability – Turning off the lights for an hour is a symbolic act to get us thinking about our planet and our impact on it. Use the time to think about ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and adopt sustainable behaviours year-round.

 Remember, if you plan on burning candles during Earth Hour, avoid candles made from petroleum-based material and use candles made from natural products such as 100% beeswax or soy. These are smoke free, non-toxic, non-allergenic and are carbon neutral.