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Astrid Woodward Electica Beauty Studio ECDC Scholarship recipient

2016 Eric C. Douglass Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship Recipient was awarded to Astrid Woodward, Founder of Electica Beauty Studio.

Astrid Woodard and Eclectica Beauty Studio

While attending Royal Roads University (Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management and Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies) I grew my business and continued down my path of entrepreneurship. Being self-employed has been rewarding. Fostering consistent, long-term relationships with my clients supported my business growth for many years. I was able to adapt my business model as I needed to support my career goals, educational pursuits and lifestyle, which is likely why I still love what I do. My success was the result of carefully managing the Eclectica Beauty brand by promoting a positive message and brand reputation. Through my experiences I have discovered ways of operating in the beauty industry that are profitable, efficient, and rewarding. Being awarded the ECDC scholarship enables me to share these processes and help other beauty artists create the same sustainable self-employment opportunities for themselves. The scholarship will fund the development of my franchised home-based beauty business model.

The Eclectica Beauty Studio Franchise will create opportunities for other artists like me to be self-employed and profit from their hard work. Our model fosters self-growth and positive feelings surrounding our trade, our artistry, and our business success. The Eclectica Beauty community of artists will support each other and celebrate the individual gifts that each artist brings to our organization. Beauty artists seeking growth and development will receive our business support tools to offer incredible customer experiences and specialized services to their clientele. Our franchise will support self-employed artists who will have the flexibility to offer boutique, personalized, high quality client experiences. Our goal is to attract the most highly skilled, sought out artists our industry has, to grow our Eclectica Beauty community.

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Eclectica Beauty Studio

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