Educational technologies to enhance teaching

Picture of students working together

The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) is pleased to launch Other Educational Technologiesa new page on our website that offers visitors an opportunity to explore educational technologies that, along with Moodle, can support and enhance different kinds of teaching and learning.

Other Educational Technologies represents the hard work of our skilled team of Learning Technologists (LTs) and Senior Learning Technologists (SLTs), who completed extensive research to compile this up-to-date list of useful tools for enhancing teaching and learning. In most cases, the tools included are easy-to-use and freely available online. To explore the list of tools and the kinds of learning they can support, visit Other Educational Technologies on the CTET website.

CTET’s goal is “to empower and enable faculty to design and facilitate great learning experiences.” We do this by providing full service course design and delivery as well as a range of professional development and other support opportunities for faculty and staff. The CTET website, overhauled in 2018 in collaboration with the Royal Roads University Brand Centre, includes a wide selection of useful information, resources and readings to support the facilitation of excellent learning experiences at RRU.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with your CTET instructional designer to discuss any questions or ideas for using these tools.

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