Electric Vehicle Community of Practice

Picture of an electric car

This article reports on the second meeting of the RRU Electric Vehicle (EV) Community of Practice, which took place on January 14, 2020. The meeting centred around two concerns specifically related to EV charging stations on campus. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday March 25, 2020, from 12:00pm – 12:45pm in the LIC 3rd floor lounge.

Currently, there are two charging stations behind Nixon and six behind the Sherman Jen building to accommodate an increasing number of EVs on campus. With estimates suggesting that there are up to 20 full-time staff who use EVs to get to work, the limited number of charging stations must be shared respectfully and equitably. Recalling that EVs spots should be considered charging stations (for temporary use while charging the battery), rather than parking spots (where one would stay all day), we hope to see signage added to the charging stations to this point. For example, many public charging stations limit charging time to four hours with informative signs:

The second issue identified in our last meeting also relates to charging infrastructure. As mentioned above, charging stations are currently located near Nixon and Sherman Jen. There is presently no charging infrastructure on the top of campus. This makes charging, which can sometimes be essential, difficult for staff who work at the top of campus. Moreover, during days of heavy snow, accessing charging stations behind Nixon or Sherman Jen is either impossible (when the hill is closed) or dangerous (when trying to get back up the hill after charging). The EV community of practice hopes to see more charging stations added, especially at the top of campus. Not only would this address the access and safety concerns, but it would also support the continued adoption of EV use on campus.

We anticipate that more EV infrastructure at RRU will encourage the adoption of EVs by members of our community, reducing the number of fossil fuel-burning cars on our roads and campus, lowering RRU’s environmental footprint, and supporting the goal of a zero-emission province by 2040.

Led by CTET team members Eric Bigrigg, Lauren Halcomb-Smith and Ken Jeffery, the EV community of practice focuses on EV awareness, advocacy and cooperation among EV users. Further, we seek to promote the use of EVs as a means of reducing our environmental impact as a community and to identify and address challenges facing EV users on campus as the province moves towards its 2040 zero emission mandate. Anyone with an interest in EVs is welcome to join, including those who use battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, or are interested in making the transition to an EV.

Questions about the EV community of practice can be directed to Ken Jeffery in CTET.

Image Source: KCRG News