Enrolment Team: Advising future students


Is my background a good fit for this program? What documents are required for my application? Can I take a single course instead of a full program? What’s the status of my application? Do I have to pay for the program up front? These are some of the questions Royal Roads enrolment advisors receive regularly, either by phone or email. Sometimes, we notice that a prospective student’s email gets bounced around to various staff members who are very keen to help, but don’t know the answers to their questions because it’s not their area of expertise. This may take a couple of days, with the email eventually ending up with the enrolment team…who are also keen to help and inevitably do know the answer.

Admission and Enrolment Services would like to remind the RRU community, or perhaps make newer staff aware, that there is a general email address that is monitored throughout each day that we kindly ask you to forward these emails to. We enjoy being the first point of contact for domestic prospective students so that we can ensure responses are timely and comprehensive, while providing an invitation to discuss studying at RRU further.

Our general email address is: learn.more@royalroads.ca. Should you receive a phone call from a domestic prospect (or want to contact an enrolment advisor yourself), please forward them to (or call) extension 2528.

Also, please feel free to provide the Admissions and Enrolment toll free phone number: 1.877.778.6227.

Enrolment Advisor Team (from left to right): Tracy Summers, Rhonda White, Bev Hill, Lisa Murray, Christine Weyenberg and Deanna Kenwell.