Equine wisdom featured in new article

Tess Wixted
Continuing Studies' facilitator, Oriane Lee Johnston, talks about horse wisdom and its place is our daily live in this month's issue of Meditation and Health magazine.

Working with a group of high school students in a field dotted with horses is the work that brings Continuing Studies' facilitator and equine guide, Oriane Lee Johnston, to her passionate purpose in life. Watching each horse moment with awareness allows the students to become aware of their own power and bring that conscious direction into their lives.

Oriane Lee's work with horses is featured in The Way of the Horse: Extraordinary Spiritual Awakening from the current edition of Meditation & Health magazine. The students mentioned in the article were asked by Oriane Lee to stand their ground when a horse came up to them. One of the horses pushed a student around. As it turned out, the student was pushed around in school. A horse will reflect exactly what we need to see about ourselves."Take any question to a horse, and the answers come," say Oriane Lee.

Join Oriane Lee next month for her course Mindfulness and Horses, May 22-23 and discover for yourself the wisdom of the equine way.

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