Everyone is a leader!


Everyone is a leader! On Halloween day, Dr. Doug Hamilton, core faculty of School of Education and Technology, coached a group of MA in Intercultural and International Communication on campus students on leadership and team building.

The students had a chance to learn and discuss on leadership characteristics, the leadership challenge model as well as team development stages. The most exciting part, which suited the festival quite well, was the newspaper fashion show. The students were divided into several groups. Each group had to create a costume made of newspaper and duct tape in only 15 minutes. Besides the fun process, Dr. Hamilton also asked each group to reflect on this team activity. What worked? What didn’t work? What we may do differently next time to improve our teamwork? All these questions stimulated lots of thoughts and ideas around the whole group, which will benefit their team assignment and team projects down the road. 

Thank you, Dr. Hamilton for your wonderful workshop!