Executive coaching alumna honoured

RRU Staff

Congratulations to Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching alumna Christine Maassen for receiving an Award of Excellence: HR Professional of the Year from BC HRMA! Maassen is the senior vice-president of Human Resources for SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts in Vancouver.

Award bio

From a transition to institutional ownership to a fundamental shift in brand strategy, the past three years have been no small challenge for Christine. She successfully rolled out a corporate values program, enhanced collaboration, increased employee engagement and developed bargaining tools and processes for dealing with nine separate bargaining agents. She has a proven a propensity for ‘bringing humanity back to the workplace’. Christine’s ability to balance a solid bottom line while building a culture of listening, empathy and respect, has won her support throughout her career. Read more.

This award is given to a BC HRMA member who contributes to an organization by achieving significant business results, and by demonstrating exceptional leadership both as a personal and professional role model.

Follow Christine Maassen on Twitter at @CMaassen.