Facilitator Development Workshop updates


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) is pleased to announce the success of our recent Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW). We now have 11 staff trained to facilitate the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). In addition, we now have two staff qualified to facilitate FDW itself.

ISW is an instructor-development program, known worldwide, that is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. FDW is a four-day workshop that qualifies participants as facilitators of ISW.

This year’s offering of FDW was co-facilitated by Doug Kerr, the originator of the Instructional Skills Workshop in the 1970s, along with CTET instructional designers David Stevenson and Beth Cougler Blom. During the workshop, Doug additionally mentored David and Beth into the “trainer” role, giving them both the qualification to be able to teach FDW in the future.

Having a team of highly skilled and qualified ISW facilitators ensures our ability to continue offering ISW on a regular and ongoing basis. Moreover, our team of ISW facilitators bring a diversity of teaching and facilitation experiences to the table; our facilitators all facilitate other CTET faculty development workshops, teach undergraduate or graduate level courses at RRU, or teach at other Canadian higher educational institutions. ISW workshops are usually facilitated in pairs, adding to this diversity of experience and allowing us the ability to welcome up to ten ISW participants each time it’s offered.

CTET offers the ISW approximately four times a year to faculty and staff, giving them the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their teaching skills in a safe, collegial environment. The next ISW will be held over December 6-8, 2017. If you are a RRU faculty or staff member who would like to enhance your face-to-face teaching skills, we invite you to register for the ISW via the RRU Professional and Continuing Studies site. (Note: Obtain your free discount code from CTET faculty development before you start the registration process.)


Pictured left to right: Donna DesBiens, Gary Bartanus, Tami Saj, Beth Cougler Blom, Jason Keddie, Ken Jeffery, David Stevenson, Doug Kerr, Eric Bigrigg.

Not pictured: Nancy Alima Ali.