Faculty & staff: congratulations & thank you


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technolgies (CTET) wishes to extend its sincere thanks and congratulations to the amazing teams of core and associate faculty and staff for their contributions to life-changing learning experiences at Royal Roads University!

In November 2018, CTET launched the Thank an Instructor/Staff Member initiative, where students and alumni are invited to formally recognize how an instructor or staff member has made a difference in their lives as students.

Students and alumni were enthusiastic in their response, with more than 100 submissions so far to formally recognize and thank more than 50 instructors and 20 staff.

You can see who has been recognized through this initative on the CTET website.

Examples of the stories that students and alumni shared:

…if it weren’t for his guidance, encouragement, tough love and creative inspiration in the field of environmental education, there is no way I would have made it through my programs.

She poured herself into the curriculum… she also took the time to address questions and provide valuable support both in and out of the classroom.

His time made a huge difference to me in the moment as well as for my ongoing journey. He helped me get over the hump of fear and lack of confidence, helping me see myself as someone of value and capable of success.

The Thank an Instructor/Staff Member initiative is ongoing. Students and alumni who would like to formally thank an instructor or staff for making a difference in their lives are invited to complete a short form on the CTET website. The nominee will receive a letter from CTET and their contribution will be formally recognized on the CTET website. Students’ names remain anonymous. Forms can be submitted at any time and there are no limit restrictions on the number of submissions.

Once again, and on behalf of all of CTET, thank you and congratulations to our faculty and staff!