Fair dealing week 2017

Fair dealing week 2017

Fair Dealing Week 2017 (February 20-24) is an annual celebration of "fair dealing" in Canada (fair use in the USA). 

Why celebrate fair dealing? The "fair dealing exception" in the Canadian Copyright Act has a large, positive impact on K-12 schools and post-secondary educational institutions. This allows the use of material from a copyright-protected work without permission from or payment to the copyright owner for specified purposes. These purposes include research, private-study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review or news reporting.

Fair dealing is an extremely important component of copyright law that provides balance to the copyright system in numerous jurisdictions including Canada. Without fair dealing, anyone wanting to reproduce someone else’s work, even a small portion of it and even for personal use, would first have to get permission from and pay fees to the copyright holder. Many activities, such as creative activity and scholarly study, would be stifled.

If you have any questions about fair dealing and how it can be used, please see RRU's Fair Dealing Policy, or contact Melanie Wrobel in the Copyright Office by email or call 250-391-2652.