Farewell, 2013 MAIIC on campus cohort!


Two years ago, we welcomed our first on campus cohort of MA in Intercultural and International Communication. And now, these lovely students will be completing the program at the end of this week.

Lots of activities have taken place in the last few weeks. The field study to Horne Lake Caves and Nanaimo WildPlay involved team building, caving and Monkido. It was an excellent opportunity not only for students to explore the relationships between human and nature in a different cultural environment, but also for them to reconnect with their buddies for the last two years.

A few days after the field study, the end of program dinner was held at the Royal Colwood Golf Course. Through the inspiring messages from Dr. Jennifer Walinga (School Director), Dr. Juana Du (Program Head) and Dr. Robert Aucoin (Associate Faculty), the students were prompted to discover the positive changes and growth that happened to them during their studies at Royal Roads. MAIIC on campus trivia was organized by Jenn Maxwell (School Manager) and Lina Guo (Program Associate), to refresh the students’ memories on the highlights of the program in an interactive way. Jo Liu, as the student representative and also the successful PHD candidate at the University of Calgary, expressed her appreciation on all the support and help students received from the School of Communication and Culture.

During the past two years, the students have shared successes, exciting moments and laughter together. They have also helped each other through challenging situations and stages. It is never easy to say “goodbye,” but we know that they will move on to a different stage of life which will allow them to apply what they have learned at Royal Roads in many different settings and contexts. Let’s wish them a bright outlook and the best of luck in their future endeavours.