Gear up for Bike to Work Week!

Gear up for Bike to Work Week!

Bike to Work Week is a month away. Whether you are a year-round rider or you have never cycled to work before, join the RRU Roadies’ and add some adrenalin to your commute!

All cyclists and approaches to riding are welcome. Participate in whatever way works for you, whether it’s driving partway to campus and cycling the rest, putting your bike on the bus for part of your commute, or treating the whole ride like a power sprint.

Signing up is as easy as emailing and typing ‘sign me up’ in the subject line.

As always, there will be prizes and activities! The more times you ride, the better your chances of winning. Activities on campus will include a ride up breakfast and games over lunch on Monday, May 30. There will also be celebration stations set up throughout the CRD all that week.

Photo credit: Hakan DahlstromCC 2.0