Geoff Bird secondment

Geoff Bird

Dr. Geoff Bird, professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM), will be joining the School of Communication and Culture (SCC) on secondment for the 2021-22 academic year.

School Director Zhenyi Li, as well as the staff and faculty in SCC, warmly welcome Geoff, whose intellectual interests in critical tourism, documentary film production, and cultural theory make him a fellow traveller in every sense.

Bird will be partnering with SCC in the creation of a proposal and draft curriculum for a new BA in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management, its acronym being BAACHM. David Black, associate professor in SCC, will be co-author of this proposal with Dr. Bird.

Bird and Black hope to model a collaborative approach to the BAACHM proposal, calling on interested faculty across the University who might be interested in a program built around the creative economy and taught on a campus that is itself uniquely a heritage site.

Bird’s scholarship addresses war and public memory, place-making, the politics of heritage interpretation and war remembrance. Prior to beginning his academic career at Royal Roads in 2008, Bird worked in government, international development, sustainable tourism, the navy, and was a heritage interpreter at the Canadian National Memorial at Vimy Ridge in France. He’s also the co-editor of two books on war, place and remembrance.

As part of the War Heritage Research Initiative he leads, Bird’s films include the two-part War Memories across Canada, an exploration of public memory in Canada as it relates to both World Wars, and Moral Awakening, his most recent project. Moral Awakening concerns the Délı̨nę First Nation and their involvement in uranium mining at Port Radium at Great Bear Lake, NWT, ore that was then used in the Manhattan Project and the subsequent bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.