A gift of education

Tess Wixted
Continuing Studies student, Lorraine Casey, shares her story of learning at RRU, and her gratitude for the gift of education.

Students find their way to learning in hundreds of ways. Lorraine Casey, a Continuing Studies student, shares her journey in our most recent blog post.

The only one in her family not to have pursued a post-secondary education, Lorraine dove into classes last fall with a passionate commitment to learning thanks to the gift of her mother's Residential School Education Credits.

Lorraine writes:

Prior to enrolling at Royal Roads, I had checked online courses offered at UVic and Camosun, but found navigating their websites confusing and frustrating. I was so happy to find a Royal Roads University Continuing Studies catalogue at the library (a hard copy!), easy to follow, every bit of information I needed was right there, and that is what sold me on RRU.

Lorraine's story continues, and we're proud to say she completed our Professional and Applied Communication Skills Certificate last month.

Congratulations Lorraine! What an honour it is to know you.