The Giving Cup

Giving cup

The winter holidays can be a wonderful time to give, and also take a rest from all the hard work of the year. However, it can be a time of sadness: being away from home, not having enough money to buy gifts and even the cold weather can get some people down. We have a strategy to cheer everyone up. Donate to The Mustard Seed Food Bank or to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and get a homemade, upcyled ornament. Come to the Library to see the ornaments and drop off your donations.

For staff we have a challenge and a prize! The Giving Cup (pictured above and below) will go to the team or individual who donates the most food or money to the food bank.

Please get your donations to the library by 5:30 p.m. Dec 22, so we can give the prize on Dec 23. GIVE GIVE GIVE it feels great!

Giving cup