Global Leadership students back from Ecuador

Students in Tzawata Community

Students in the MA in Global Leadership program have just completed a two week international field trip to Ecuador. Activities spanned a wide range of exploration from the capital of Quito, Kichwan communities of the Central Andes, many Indigenous communities in the Amazon, and up to the Afro-Ecuadorian and Kichwan communities in the North. Many global leadership topics were explored and discussed including the following: military leadership, military women empowerment, military relationships with Indigenous communities, water conservation leadership and strategies in the Nagsiche River Basin, herbal plants and remedies in the Amazon, Indigenous activism to resist oil exploration and other extraction industries that are destroying the Amazon, road blockades in the North to draw attention to their economically poor regions, social-cooperative micro-enterprises, leadership of women’s rights and empowerment in small communities, innovative farming techniques in remote mountain regions and in contrast to the Amazon, and the pros and cons of cultural tourism and markets to promote economic growth.

Our military hosts included ESPE University, the War College, the Peacekeeping base, and the IWIAS – the only military school in the world that learns from and trains Indigenous soldiers who specialize in the Amazon.

Our community hosts included partners in the Nagsiche River, Salinas (Bolivar province), Simiatug, Puyo, Tzawata and the Pachsayna Institute, Misahualli as well as the communities in the North of Otavalo, Mascarillia and Salinas (Imbabura province), and friends and collaborators throughout Ecuador.

Our hearts are with the people of Ecuador for their graciousness and ongoing leadership challenges.

Please see our Facebook album to see some of our activities.