Goodbye from Cindy Brar


I want to say goodbye and thank you to all my RRU family and friends. I can’t believe that over 24 years has gone by since I started at the university. In the beginning we didn’t have students and we didn’t have processes, but what we did have was a drive to build something new. I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the years and my small part in it. I will remember all the fun we had, as well as all the struggles, and I will remember them fondly. I’m retiring at a difficult time in our history with the covid-19 pandemic and I sincerely hope that everyone comes out the other side well and healthy. I leave you with the poem I wrote and recited at my retirement party:


If we survive, they said

If we make it, they said

If they come, they said



Well they didn’t expect the people

They didn’t expect the fight

They didn’t expect it to work

But it did…


The people built the place

The people designed something new

The people believed in themselves

It was the people, they said