Goodbye from Tess

Tess Wixted

Today is my final day at Royal Roads and the end, for now, of my working life. I am profoundly grateful that my final working years have been spent amongst such caring and generous beings. My connections with staff, faculty, and students alike have embraced me in bountiful waves of learning and of joy. I'm honoured and delighted that my entire tenure at RRU has been spent in Continuing Studies. It has been a place of service, of practice, and of loving, abiding friendships.

Now to the next leg of life's journey, stepping more resolutely upon the contemplative path I have travelled these past few years. That path will take me to a Buddhist monastery near Kamloops where the next chapter of service awaits its writing. If you'd like to follow along I invite you to visit my blog and welcome you to stay in touch.

In gratitude and kindness, may you all be well and happy, peaceful and at ease.