Graduate Conference in Innovative Learning


On November 3, starting at 9 a.m. the LIC Center for Dialogue will host "Research  that Matters:" the first RRU graduate conference featuring the innovating learning of 2014 graduating students across the university. 

 The Conference in Innovative Learning is an opportunity for all graduating RRU learners to present their  research before an audience of graduating peers, friends and family, and RRU staff and faculty. Whether conducted as a thesis, major research project/paper, research project/paper, or as part of any course project, individual or team-based innovative research carried out as part of any Royal Roads undergraduate or graduate program is featured throughout the conference program. See:

 Innovative learning is learning that creates novel opportunities to generate knowledge, to empower, and make a difference. Innovative learning allows for research that explores novel models of knowledge generation and dissemination, new ways of knowing and learning, meaningful practices of participatory action, emerging technologies, reflective engagement, and qualitative and transformative inquiry. Innovative learning, in sum, consists of research that matters: research that exits the classroom and the university and that plays a meaningful role in the public domain